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About Counselling:

Counselling can be either long term or short term, it is based on the relationship between the counsellor and young person and provides the opportunity to look at any issue or problem that may be of concern either from your past or present to enhance and improve your well being. Counselling provides the opportunity to talk to a trained professional who is independent to discuss a confidential issue.

I will provide you the young person, with a safe space to be heard and respected.I will listen to you without you being blamed, judged or criticized. I will work alongside you to look at what has bought you to counselling and to the best of my ability I will support you to choose the right course of action for you and to assist in resolving these difficulties... or help you to find ways of coping and to look at your strengths and ways to build on those and empower you, if that's what you choose.

I am an integrative arts counsellor which means that I have been trained to use a variety of different theoretical approaches. This allows me to meet the needs of the individual and enables me to choose the right style for you.

I have been trained and have experience in the therapeutic use of the arts and can incorporate this in our sessions. Sometimes as a teenager or young person you may feel like you lack the capacity for emotional language to say how you feel, the arts can therefore help to facilitate the counselling sessions by providing a medium through which to express and show how you are feeling.

Benefits of Teen counselling:

  • A safe space to be listened to and heard.
  • A time to look at any issue on your mind that's bothering you and affecting you.
  • A space to feel supported to look at what you want to change, to test it out and feel if its right for you...it's okay change your mind.
  • An open door to look to see if there is anything you want to change about your life, any unwanted behaviours or habits.
  • An opportunity to develop strategies to help with unwanted habits, beliefs that have outplayed their use.
  • A safe space to look at any childhood issues that may be resurfacing for you,and working through these to develop a new awareness and the potential for new growth.
  • Working through old habits, exploring ways of letting go of those that no longer work, developing independence and confidence.
  • Self acceptance.

    You may not necessarily be experiencing any major issues and just generally feel that something just doesn't feel right, you may just feel confused or generally unhappy with your life and situation and you just cant make sense of things

    Counselling can help with a wide range of issues:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress,exam stress.
  • eating disorders
  • bullying,
  • friendship issues
  • family relationships
  • low self esteem/confidence issues.
  • loss/bereavement.
  • transition.
  • anger
  • social anxiety.
  • isolation.
  • violent behavior
  • self harm.
    and more...

    I was angry with my friend:
    I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
    I was angry with my foe:
    I told it not, my wrath did grow.
    -'A Poison Tree', William Blake, in Bronowski

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